Thursday, November 4, 2010

Colosseum- Chapter 1: Delirium

Band: Colosseum
Album: Chapter 1: Delirium
Year: 2007
Genre: Funeral Doom Metal

Although this deserves more said about it than I'm going to give, I'm feeling brief today. This is the debut album from Colosseum, a Finnish doom metal band, more specifically playing in the funeral doom style, and atmosphere is their forte. The blue and black colors reflected in the artwork perfectly display the kind of mood that is prevalent throughout the album. It's melancholy, apocalyptic, and personally I imagine a solitary path through a dank forest with a steady rain pouring down through a canopy that's layered in fog, which pervades and entwines between the trunks of the trees, the colors around you being exactly like that of the artwork, giving the impression of being in a dream. Of course being a funeral doom metal album it is full of skull-crushing riffs that are heavier than lead, guttural growls that don't sound like they're coming from a human, and on top of it all there is the magical and enraptured sprinkling of synth-work which really pulls all the elements together to give you the aforementioned atmosphere I described, coming across in an almost symphonic dirge at times. In short, if you are a doom metal fan you can not go wrong in checking these guys out. They have since released a second album and a TBA third album (which has no current release date).

On a sad note, the lead singer of the band, Juhani Palomäki, died in May of 2010 and that's an extremely heavy blow as he had a very recognizable and distinct voice in my opinion and it's sad that he will not be around to continue making great music. May your soul rest in peace, brother.

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