Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Agalloch's Glorious Return

Yes, the wait is finally coming to an end, my friends. Well, that is if you're one of the people that hasn't already downloaded the leaked copy of 'Marrow of the Spirit' by now. Four years is a long time to be patient for new material so I suppose I can't blame those of you who have. But anyway the physical real life version of Agalloch's fourth full-length release is November 23rd, which is only seven away for those of you who like math! Chances are you've been tempted to give in and just download the album already but it appears your patience has paid off. NPR is currently streaming the entire album on their website up until its official release. Now, don't you feel glad you waited a bit longer? I'm currently listening to it as we speak. It's a dense and stunning piece of work to take in as the final minutes wind down. I can hardly wait to spend even more time with this in the coming months since Agalloch albums always get better and better the more you hear them...but enough rambling. Enjoy, folks!


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