Sunday, October 31, 2010

Crystal Castles & Robert Smith – “I’m Not In Love”


If you're a Crystal Castles fan, or a Robert Smith fan, or a Cure fan, chances are you've probably never imagined an actual pairing between them. I know it never crossed my mind. So imagine my surprise when I learned that the Crystal Castles song "Not in Love" from their 2010 album was remixed to include the one and only Robert Smith performing the vocals. Wait, seriously? Yes, seriously. And by the maker, it's probably the most endearing combination I've heard since...since...I have no idea. It's up there though, I think it's that good. So do give your ears some love and download (or just stream it if somehow you're not already salivating at the mouth) the song, which comes via the good folks at Stereogum.

Oh, and here's the original song for reference.

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