Sunday, September 25, 2011


So I only recently (about three months ago) was exposed to 'Music Has the Right to Children', the first proper full-length album from the legendary Scottish duo of Boards of Canada. However, my first introduction to them was 'Geogaddi' and that was no easy pill to swallow. It took many listens before I was able to solidify my opinion on what I now consider an exemplary piece of work in the electronic/ambient realm, despite it being less than perfect. Now that I've had a few exposed sessions of the aforementioned 'Music Has the Right to Children', I must express myself as slightly letdown compared to the excellence which pervaded my eardrums throughout the majority of the second album. It doesn't feel quite as consistent, and while there are a couple songs on the first half that impress me, it's not until "Rue the Whirl" and "Aquarius" roll around that I feel the album really comes into its own. My wish is that the entire album carried the infectiousness that those two songs possess, especially the latter, which has become my favorite song from them of late. Have a listen:

Nevertheless, the journey through their catalog shall press on and I can't wait to let my ears swim in my next two targets: Campfire Headphase and In A Beautiful Place Out in the Country (which I'm currently listening to actually).

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