Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Auditory Delights

I am continuing to move along at a snail's pace this year in trying to get my ears familiarized with new music, in fact I've only acquired four new albums so far. Fortunately, each of them has proved to be extremely gratifying and certainly worthy of repeated listens. Granted, four albums is a small list for almost being 6 months into the year, but when they're all of this high quality it's hard to complain. Besides, I'm sure I'll pick up the slack soon. Alright, so it's time to reveal my early favorites. They are...

Alcest- Écailles de Lune

The long awaited follow-up is finally here and it's a stunner. The return of black metal elements to the fold makes this a much more dynamic offering than the first album, possibly making it even better.

Les Discrets- Septembre et Ses Dernières Pensées

Wow, this is some of the most gorgeous music I've come across in awhile. This is practically flawless work and it's full of atmosphere that will sweep you away to an unknown time and place. This is easily album of the year material. For fans of Alcest, Katatonia, and Agalloch.

Fear Factory- Mechanize

The 2000s were a messy decade for this band, filled with ups and many downs, but Fear Factory have returned with a revamped lineup, including the return of Dino and addition of the legendary Gene Hoglan, and have delivered their most aggressive offering since Demanufacture. Believe the hype. This album delivers.

The Art Museums- Rough Frame

The debut from this California act, Rough Frames, is full of lo-fi goodness. This is a retro rock album that doesn't sound outdated, just updated. The Art Museums place themselves firmly in the realm of pure fun and catchy songwriting, and I highly suggest that all of you check them out.

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